About Xcite

Xcite Consulting is a global professional services firm delivering ITAM training and services to companies throughout the world.  Our highly skilled ITAM experts have decades of experience developing training, providing software licensing knowledge, and ITAM program development.

Our Experience

Industry Experience

Our professionals have decades of hands-on experience managing clients of all sizes from around the globe.  This includes: contract management, vendor management, software procurement, license optimization, lifecycle management, process improvement, audit readiness, contract negotiations, and software licensing.

Training & Certifications

We require our team to complete industry relevant training including: CSAM, CITAM, CHAMP, Flexera FNMS Operations, Flexera FNMS Implementation, Flexera FNMS Administration, Flexera Data Platform, Flexera App Portal, ServiceNow Fundamentals, ServiceNow SAM Fundamentals, and ITIL SAM.

Licensing Experience

Our teams software licensing experience includes: IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Oracle, Quest, Software AG, AutoDesk, VMware, HP, Attachmate, and Symantec just to name a few.

Our Leadership Team

Andrea Anderson -Managing Director


Andrea is an accomplished professional with expertise in contracts management, IT Asset Management and project management for over 30 years. Andrea has Big-4 experience and extensive industry experience standing up and running IT Asset Management programs for large organizations, with particular focus on the oil and gas industry.  Experienced in team training, software licenses, software audits, contracts, as well as streamlining processes and procedures.

Kristy Hawkins -Managing Director


Kristy has over 18 years of professional experience in Big-4 and in industry, leading global teams in highly complex and dynamic environments. Kristy has extensive experience in IT Asset Management, training, project management, program design, software licensing and software audits.  She has designed global methodologies and training material for Software Asset Management, and various software audit teams.